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What is the most cost-effective IT service model?

Read this article to learn how to choose the best IT service model for your budget.

In my opinion, it’s managed IT services, because it takes a consultative approach. The managed service provider sits down with the business owner or the person, and they find out what their goals are and how they work. Then they set them up with the proper hardware, and the right software. They give them the appropriate training and the right support. In the long term, it's going to save them money because they're not going to buy a $600 laptop that's going to break down, but instead a quality computer that will last them for years.

For example, the business owner that I dealt with last week uses their computer probably about 12 hours a day, six days a week, and they bought a $400 laptop from Best Buy because that's all the money they had when they started their business three years ago. It doesn't meet any of the needs of what they're trying to do, and it took four minutes to boot that thing up. The hard drive was getting ready to die because it doesn't take that long to boot up windows.

So, I cloned it, and then I cloned it again and did a system file check on it to ensure that there weren't any missing or corrupted system files. Then, I do that check disk to get rid of any errors. I cloned that to a new hard drive that was an SSD and put that into the system, and now it runs like a champ. I mean, it boots up in seconds. Everything I click on comes right up, and they are thrilled with it, but people don't know what they’re missing.

When you deal with a managed service provider; they know what's available in the industry. They can steer you in the right direction based on real-world experience, not advertising. Because if you go into a store, you'll see a blazing, fast computer with 4GB of RAM. You're not going to have a blazing fast computer if you have 4GB of RAM. It’s impossible, unless you're running Linux. It's just not going to work with windows. Windows is too bloated. So, when you see all these systems with 12GB of Ram, but they have an i3 processor, you know it's a dud; it’s not going to work.

Why Eugene IT Offers Managed IT Services

A managed service provider would help them choose the right machine. Typically, we do a lot of consulting, so we give them a menu of products based on their different scenarios and budgets and then tell them any one of these is excellent for what you want to do based on your budget. We give them low, medium, and high budget options, but it's all quality equipment. It's not just off the shelf.  When my clients buy a new system, they send it to me. I take all the junk and bloatware off before they even bring it to their office. So when the computer gets there, it's ready to roll and ready to work, and it doesn't have all this advertising junk on there. It’s a lot better computing experience if you can just work.

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