IT Managed Services Pricing: What To Expect To Pay For Managed IT Services

IT Managed Services Pricing: What To Expect To Pay For Managed IT Services

An IT managed services company can be a very useful support pillar for your business. But there are a lot of different IT support providers to choose from, and making sure you get a good deal when it comes to pricing can be tricky. That’s why it’s important to find out exactly what price and services you should expect from your managed IT services provider before signing a new contract with them.

The Most Important Question To Ask Before Locking In Managed IT Services Pricing

Asking what to expect to pay for managed IT services is kind of a trick question because it all depends on what you’re getting.

If you don't know what you're getting, it doesn't matter how much it is because it's relative. A lot of people don’t realize that. You'll see these people say “we'll give you managed IT services for $30 a month. All you can eat!” What does that mean? I can eat a lot. What type of response times do you have when you're a $30 an hour client? I mean, I can tell you right now, my managed service clients get a much quicker response time than my break-and-fix clients.

If someone's on a contract, you're going to take care of them right away versus somebody who rushes into your shop and says, I need this fixed now. Unfortunately they're going to go to the back of the line because I already have priorities. It doesn't matter that they want to have their computer fixed right now.

Some companies will put them to the head of the line and charge them a boatload. That's where I could see it being in favor of the IT consultant. What we talked about earlier, where the IT consultant is the one who makes out rather than the consumer.

The price ranges for managed IT depend on the services that are included. For example, companies that charge $350 - $400 per PC per employee offer a complete, robust solution. It usually comes with office 365, backups, antivirus, monitoring, DNS filtering, password management, and licensing for everything. However, it might not include unlimited support. 

In the higher-end packages generally, you'll also have email hosting, but any cabling, phone systems, copier support, cooking up new computers, moves, and ads are all changes. So that's all additional.

What You Get With Eugene IT Support

We have several levels of support. 

My base services cover backup antivirus, password management, and monitoring because those three things are critical. There are additional services; for instance, such as website development and management. So, depending on the customer's needs would determine what it would cost and what's included. Different people think that you don't need all these things, but if you're a real true managed IT professional, you need to protect the customer, the data, and the employees. That's my number one job, to make sure they can work safely.

Eugene IT Services includes 24/7 monitoring of the equipment, backup monitoring, software updates, antivirus protection, and regularly scans for things in real-time, as well as corporate-level executives enterprise-grade protection.

We also have other services like Office 365 and G suite backup because most people don't know that Google and Microsoft guarantee uptime, not the security of your data. They're not a backup company, they provide you with access to use their services, and it says in their agreement that you should use a third-party backup. So we back up Office and G suite as well, then there's DMS filtering, and there are password management tools.

There are a lot of different things. Give me a call and let’s talk about your business’s unique needs!

Takeaway On Managed IT Service Pricing

Ultimately, managed IT deals can cost $30 an hour, to $300 per month per device. However, the price and features of each managed service will vary from company to company. When choosing a provider, it is necessary to ask plenty of questions and make sure you understand the cost and features of the contract before signing.

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